Feet... Meet Comfort

Fresh From Tee To Toes

The only thing better than tossing on a Fresh Clean Tee to start your day in style and comfort is tossing on a pair of Fresh Clean Socks with it. Designed for all-day comfort, Fresh Clean Socks come in two styles and are simple, stylish, and built to last wear after wear.

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The Anatomy Of Fresh Clean Socks

All-Day Comfort

Strategically placed Terry Loop layering in the footbed, toe, and heel to cushion your feet in the right placed. Sounds fancy… feels comfy

Built To Last

Fresh Clean Socks feature the highest quality yarns and knit technology to let your feet breathe, while also supporting them.

No-Show, No Problem

Imagine our no-slip silicone as a few friendly sock gnomes whose sole job is to keep your sock up and not buried into your shoes.

HIde 'em

Fresh Clean No-Show Socks

Our no-show style feature an engineered no-slip silicone in the heel to keep your sock in place whether you’re chillin’ on the couch or you’re out living your best life.

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