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5 Tips To Help You Work From Home Like A Pro


Working from home driving you crazy? Here are a few work from home tips from the Fresh Clean Tees team to help you crush this week: 

Get dressed

Sounds simple right? Not so much these days. Take a shower (you probably stink), do your hair, and change out of your PJs. Taking care of yourself will lift your mood and allow you to be more productive. Seriously that package of super-soft tee shirts has been staring at you for the last week. Put one on, pair it with some jeans and let your family know you’re capable of the simpler things these days. 

Set Up A Designated Workspace 

Try to avoid working from your bed or couch. It’s not good for your productivity or your body.  Having a designated space to work in your home allows you to fully unwind and relax when you step away from that space at the end of the day. Plus if you have any video calls, you can show off all of the trophies you received for participating in your rec bowling league or whatever. 

Stick To A Schedule

When working from home it is also important to have clearly defined working hours. Make sure to give yourself time both in the morning and evening to transition in and out of work. It also gives you an excuse to let Karen know you’ll have to push her meeting request to Thursday, since you’re obviously so damn busy already today! 

Communication Is Key

Just because you’re now working from home, doesn’t mean collaboration should stop. Be sure to continue collaborating with your coworkers so you stay on the same page. Have a video conference, or *gasp* maybe use the telephone!  You should also communicate regularly with your supervisor about expectations and goals to be sure they see what a rockstar you’ve been during this time. Who knows, when things start to normalize you may be on track for that raise you’ve been working on. 

Take A Break

It’s OK to stop and smell the roses from time-to-time during the day. We’re all experiencing serious anxiety with everything going on, so taking a minute to rest your mind is crucial. The optimal work-rest ratio is 52 minutes of work to 17 minutes of rest, but hey, who’s counting.  Seriously take a 15-minute break at least 3 times a day, not including lunch, to reset your brain, and you’ll come back to your work with a fresh perspective.  


We know this is a tough time for everyone, but stick together and stay positive. If you’re feeling down in the dumps toss on a ridiculously comfy tee shirt or hoodie and call one of your homies for a quick pick up. If nobody answers, just shoot us a DM on Instagram and know you’ve got a friend in us! 

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