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We Took Our Team Sailing!


It's a good thing that Matthew and Melissa started Fresh Clean Tees in San Diego because it means our team-building exercises of drinking and dancing on a boat, sailing around with one of the country’s prettiest cities, totally got to be a thing yesterday.

We're huge fans of the water. Some of us surf; more of us hit beachfront bars. But we like our beaches to be healthy and pretty for everyone. That’s why we participate in beach cleanups and maintain an awesome partnership with Surfrider Foundation to ensure they get a percentage of every sale we make through our sustainability program, better known as Fresh Clean Tees For Fresh Clean Seas.

But it's been a busy few weeks over here! We launched tall tees last week. We launched new hooded long sleeves and long sleeve henleys earlier this week. Even just yesterday, we launched our "Back to Whatever" packs of men's basics. So...a day on the water was a (well-earned) breeze.

We're very lucky to have the team we do in the city we do.

— Jake Kilroy

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