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Valentine's Day Looks for Guys...During a Global Pandemic


Ah, Valentine's Day, we meet again...under very different circumstances.

Still, whether you're the type of guy who dreads the pressure of this holiday and picks up last-minute flowers on your way home or the one who loves to plan elaborate dates and make your girlfriend the envy of Instagram, it's no secret that if you're currently involved in any sort of romantic entanglement —this includes situationships — you'll have to acknowledge this day in some way, and a great place to start is by looking your best, even if only for a Netflix / Hulu / Prime Video / DisneyPlus / Etc-and-chill date.

Luckily, for a lot of men, Valentine's Day might be a bit more casual this year, given...everything. Significant others around the world have become remarkably accustomed to seeing their partners in the same pair of sweatpants and basic tee shirts for weeks at a time, so the bar’s not exactly high.

I’m no fashion expert, nor do I pretend to be; I’m just a girlfriend who knows what other girlfriends probably want to see their men wear this Valentine's Day. So I've rounded up a few look ideas for your consideration this February 14th, featuring a few of my favorite pieces from Fresh Clean Tees.

1. The Takeout-on-the-Couch Date Night

This is a low-maintenance and perfectly acceptable way to spend a Valentine’s Day evening, as long as you’re both on the same page.

If this is your game plan, you and your lady have likely been together for a while and don't need any fuss or frills around a holiday you believe to be part of the Hallmark-industrial complex — and there's a good chance you'd be doing this in a non-pandemic year anyway. While your girlfriend definitely isn’t expecting anything crazy, there are still ways to step up your loungewear to distinguish this day from others.

For this look, I recommend the Pocket Crew Neck Tee — bonus points if you give an extra nod to the day by wearing the maroon one — with a well-fitting pair of joggers and a pair of your girlfriend’s fuzzy socks.

For my boyfriend, this crew neck tee is the holy grail of at-home leisurewear. It reads effortless, it suggests comfort, and the pocket detail feels like a step up from that high school basketball shirt she sees you in every other night. Perfect for meeting the food delivery person at the door or snuggling up for a rom-com, this shirt does it all.

2. The At-Home Date Night (For the Couple That’s a Little Extra)

This is perfect for the not-yet-vaccinated couple that still feels like staying home but wants to create a little bit of that going-out magic to make the best of a quarantine situation.

Your girl might be planning to cook an elaborate dinner or assemble a charcuterie board with a complete wine pairing, and she'll probably do her hair and makeup to attempt at least some version of the annual Valentine’s Day post for social.

If this were my Valentine’s Day evening, I’d tell my boyfriend to run a comb through his hair, throw on his favorite pair of jeans, and top it with a Cali Pullover.

To be honest, I'm not sure how Fresh Clean Tees managed to make a basic crew neck look this stylish, but this sweatshirt absolutely does it for me. [My fave shade is Military.]

It's appropriately fashionable for her Facebook post and lightweight enough to keep you cool in the kitchen — a big win all around.

3. The Outdoor Date Night

This suggestion might not apply to men of all climates, but this is a great option for the couple supporting their local restaurant with a nice patio meal or those opting for a backyard picnic under the stars.

You'll need a warmer fit for this date night, which is why I love the combination of the fleece bomber jacket over the classic v-neck tee, paired with your fave non-soft pants and a pair of neutral sneakers.

This timeless look says, "I'm trying, but not too hard."

P.S. As your girlfriend will almost certainly be asking for your jacket after she inevitably doesn't bring one, even though you told her it would be cold, you should probably sub out the classic short-sleeve v-neck for the long-sleeve crew neck under that bomber.

4. The (More) Traditional Date Night Out

If you're in a city with open, socially distanced dining, you may have made reservations for a more formal date night out.

For this, I’m assuming you probably have some of your old standby dress staples, though they might need to be dusted off.

Think a nicely tailored pair of chino pants, that one collared shirt your girlfriend makes an extra point of complimenting, and then layer with a blazer or a cardigan. Any of these pieces that you already own will feel new again after being retired this whole past year.

The most important detail of this outfit is the mask. This may seem obvious, but I have seen so many guys mess this up. A non-coordinating patterned mask can really ruin the whole vibe, even if it’s just on the walk from your car to your table.

Fresh Clean Tees has a solid selection of masks that actually work with both casual and formal looks, and they're made with the same super-soft material as their tees. I bought my boyfriend the 3-pack after not being able to look at the Miami Heat logo for another second.

Trust me, your lady will thank you.

5. The Zoom Date

This is a great option if you're in the “talking stage” with a woman from Hinge or, if you're like my boyfriend and me, currently doing the long-distance thing.

For video chats, it’s easy to look like you've just rolled out of bed, so let’s try to get away from that.

This Valentine’s Day date option is great because you can wear whatever the hell you want for your bottom half, whether that’s your go-to holey sweatpants or your favorite pair of Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. You just have to keep the look semi-sharp on top.

After having quite a few Zoom dates now, I am definitely partial to a henley and love the long-sleeve and short-sleeve options from Fresh Clean Tees.

Why, you ask? Because those few buttons up top give some needed visual interest and are perfectly framed by a webcam. It’s the perfect balance between a tee shirt and giving just a little something extra. Simple. Clean. Can't beat it.

Valentine's Day might look a little different this year, but that's no excuse to not bring your stylish A-game — or B-game in the very least.

Fresh Clean Tees is especially great because of the brand's inclusive sizing and affordability. Plus, all these pieces are super wearable staples that you’ll find yourself going for again and again, long after V-Day.

So get shopping, get planning, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

— Kendall Pennington

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