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Transitioning Into Your Spring Wardrobe


Guys, if you’re feeling a lively spring in your step these days, it’s because warm weather is finally around the corner. So, as we ease into the final weeks of winter (technically), it’s time to start thinking of ways to get your wardrobe looking brighter and feeling lighter by pairing sunshiny vibrant color combos with cold-weather classics.

Navigating those March midday heat spikes and chilly evenings can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some tried and tested ways to have you looking seasonally appropriate and feeling comfortable, no matter what early spring throws at you.

Heather Grey Cali Pullover

Clear Out That Closet

It’s good to clear out and organize your closet each season. Not only does this give you ample time to take inventory of your clothes, but you can also reorganize and put together new, exciting combinations.

The key to a solid winter-to-spring wardrobe is having plenty of versatile clothes you can layer. Chunky sweaters will seem out of place once the snow melts, but you can hang onto your thinner cashmere or wool ones. To go even lighter, you can scoop a lightweight sweatshirt from Fresh Clean Tees, which is thinner than a sweater yet thicker than a t-shirt. Otherwise, heavy wool suits and parkas should go into storage, along with any heavier scarves and gloves.

It’s generally a better idea to fold and store your clothes rather than hang them. Sweaters can stretch and warp from a long summer on the hanger, plus mold or dirt can get into and onto your expensive threads. So properly store them in plastic containers instead.

- Dry-clean your expensive suits, outerwear, and sweaters, while you wash the rest regularly.

- Invest in large plastic storage bins with airtight lids.

- Get silica packets to pop in the bins, as they’ll provide freshness and keep moisture out.

- Put comparable materials together.

- Seal and store off-season clothes somewhere dry and safe.

You may also come across winter clothes that are past their prime or just plain gnarly. Donate or toss these items to make room for fresh ones next year.

White Tall V-Neck

Invest in New Basics

Now that you’ve vetted your closet, it’s time to start filling in the missing pieces. There’s a good chance that you need to stock up on the basics, like grayscale tees. You can also check in on your shoes, belts, denim jackets, pullovers, and other warmish weather apparel.

If it’s stained, faded, or ripped, invest in something new. Basics make up the foundation of your wardrobe and are essential to starting the new season on the right note.

Sky Crew Neck Tee

Work in Some Lighter Colors

One of the best ways to give the nod to the sunshiny months while staying early spring appropriate is by working some lighter colors into your spring wardrobe. For example, try pairing a sky blue tee with a pair of charcoal slacks and a light jacket, or mix things up with a green polo and a navy suit.

You can go the opposite way too, wearing your darker winter jewel tones with lighter browns or tans for a phenomenal multi-seasonal look. Embrace transitional neutrals like slate-colored basics. Slate pairs perfectly with dark wintery blacks or navy blues, and it’s a great way to keep wearing your heavier pieces well into the spring months.

Black Crew Neck Tee

Mix Heavier and Lighter Pieces

Finally, early spring is prime time for a range of layering vibes. Mixing up heavier and lighter pieces can give you more longevity out of your look and save you from an unpleasant mercury spike or cold snap. A great lightweight hoodie will look great and feel good all day long.

You can also accessorize with a denim or leather jacket, light cashmere or wool sweater, or a long-sleeved tee. Just make sure that you have a coordinated color palette, one neutral to tie it all together, and some great shoes. Then you’ll be good to go!

Looking fresh from muddy March to glorious June is totally possible with these tips!

— Elizabeth Lavis

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