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4 Style Ideas For Your Staycation


We’re in the full swing of spring, which means summer isn’t too far off! So, naturally, daydreams of vacations and ideas of fun to be had are surely popping up in everyone’s minds these days. But given that we’re not quite out of the woods yet with the pandemic, a final-hoorah staycation may be in order.

So, in the vein of having yourself a comfy and relaxing staycation, no matter where you live, here are four ideas for you to fully embrace those vacay vibes without straying too far — with a few outfit pitches courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees.

1. Beach But Make It Home

Even if you don’t live in a tropical climate, you can channel some major beach vibes during your staycation. It doesn’t have to bounce above 90° for you to throw on a pair of flip flops, shorts, and a white pocket crew neck tee to live out a dreamy beach-fueled fantasy.

Whether you’re living where it’s still snowing or you’re landlocked in a state where the closest body of swimmable water is more than 100 miles away, this style is perfect for your sandless beach day. To really catch those vacation feelings, make a batch of refreshing drinks, like mojitos, daiquiris, or strawberry limeades, and put on some beachy tunes. Better yet, give National Lampoon’s Vacation or The Great Outdoors a watch. Although neither are set at the beach, it’ll give you an extra dose of wacky vacation shenanigans (and you don’t have to be the one taking a dive off a closed road in Arizona!). For a closing act, dip your feet in the pool (or bathtub) to channel a makeshift ocean, alongside your second or third round of drinks.

2. Fancy Night Out (In)

It’s time to capture the feeling and ambience you miss from being actually outside of the house. When we go out on vacation, we always pack at least an outfit or two that’s a step up from our everyday wear, right? It’s usually for when we’re making plans to go out to an especially nice place for dinner or simply want the option if we feel inclined to get a little dressed up.

But for a fancy night in, I’ve got a simple idea for you. Cook yourself a meal that you’ve been craving (or order sinfully good takeout) and get dressed up! I’d recommend your fave pair of dark pants and the black windbreaker bomber jacket with a short sleeve henley in your chosen color. This is a comfy look for home that captures some sleek style that you’d most likely showcase during a night out.

3. Casual Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are a great go-to when you just want to veg out and not do too much beyond decide what to watch next. This staycation idea is perfect if you’ve had a stressful week — or, let’s face it, year — and you just need a low-stress evening to recharge.

To score ultimate comfort for your movie marathon, I’d suggest the grey Cali pullover, paired with your chosen pajama bottoms. You’re in for a movie marathon, so the lightweight pullover’s soft fabric is perfect for a day spent, you know, watching all the extended editions of Lord of the Rings or binging the entire Friday the 13th franchise.

4. Outdoor Lover

This one is for those looking to treat themselves to much-needed fresh air. Whether you’re checking out local parks, walking/hiking trails, or just hanging out in your own backyard, spending time outside is proven to be extremely beneficial to you.

For those looking to spend time outdoors, throw on a navy long sleeve henley, a not-fancy-very-comfy pair of pants or shorts, and your chosen outdoor shoes. If you’re going to be hiking, best lace up your hiking boots or an equally solid closed-toed pair of kicks. This particular style is easily adjusted to the weather and whatever activities you might have in mind.

Fresh Clean Tees has affordable men’s basics that are perfectly suited for any kind of staycation you may have in mind — or if you’re just looking to refresh your wardrobe for that real vacation on the horizon!

— Paige Lyman

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