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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Movement Routine


5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Movement Routine

We’ve all been huddled up and hunkered down in our zoom calls, wearing sweats and waiting for spring (and maybe eating a few too many take-out meals to get through our pandemic rut). Well, now that the weather has warmed up and the vaccine is bestowing us some refreshed hope, it’s time to rediscover our old habits that involved actually moving our body — or time to create some new habits.

Moving around again doesn’t have to involve any elaborate plans or fancy gym memberships. The American Heart Association recommends a baseline of 150 minutes of movement per week. Break that number up into a less daunting 20ish minutes per day or get creative with some of these off-the-beaten walking path ideas (with a few clothing suggestions from Fresh Clean Tees).

1. Get smarter about your meeting schedule to sneak in walks.

Maybe you’ve heard of the meeting trick where you schedule everything five minutes after the hour. You can use that strategy to your advantage. Sit in your video meeting 10:00 - 10:50 a.m. and go for a quick stroll 10:50 - 11:00. That way, you still have five minutes to regroup (11:00 - 11:05), so grab a coffee refill, hit the bathroom, and jump into your next meeting, reinvigorated and much less stiff than you were with your old schedule. For a work-to-play look that has you all buttoned up and ready for a meeting, yet cool and breezy for those walks, try the black short sleeve henley.

2. Lose the cart on the links.

Looking forward to your maiden voyage back to the golf course? Take this opportunity to save some money and move a whole lot more by strolling the green instead of renting a cart. Walking while carrying your golf bag is the equivalent of roughly four miles and 1,400 calories, which turns your leisurely activity into a serious health boost. Layer your favorite golf polo over the white crew neck tee to keep you feeling fresh while dusting off your golf skills.

3. Just add wheels and a long lost friend.

If walking sounds a bit boring to you, add wheels! Rollerblading and biking are some of the best childhood throwbacks that double as great exercise for your adult body. You can make these outings even sweeter by getting on a regular schedule with a friend you haven’t seen much since the pandemic started or simply asking a different friend each week. Pair your rollerblades with some classic and comfortable crew socks, or throw them on to prevent knicking your legs on the bike chains.

4. Organize a neighborhood kickball game.

If team sports are more your thing, recruit a bunch of neighborhood kids, teens, and adults — everybody loves a good kickball game — through a Facebook group, a group chat, or even throwing actual invitations in mailboxes. A standing weekly evening kickball game in the biggest yard or cul-de-sac creates comradery and gets everyone moving. If you aren’t quite sure if the neighbor sliding into home has been vaccinated, throw a pack of basic fresh masks in your bag to be safe.

5. Don’t try to marathon all in one day.

If you’re carrying a bit of envy due to your buddy running mini-marathons throughout the pandemic and so now you’re looking to get into the jogging habit yourself, start slow. A walk/run combo can ease your joints out of the pandemic rut and well into a running routine without risking injury. Take time to seriously stretch and test intervals of walking and running. For instance, walk two minutes and run 30 seconds before easing into more running time over the course of a few weeks. For jogging threads, try the basic tank 3-pack if you live in a toastier climate and want to stay cool during your journey to become a runner.

While it may seem like you’re already moving enough, keep a log for a week or two in order to assess how many minutes of exercise you’re really getting. It may be more than you think! Or you may need to get intentional about it and spring clean your movement routine.

— Alex Frost

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