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Here's What We'd Wear to Our Favorite Dive Bars in San Diego


Today is National Dive Bar Day and, much like the holes-in-the-wall (hole-in-the-walls?) it celebrates, this holiday can easily go under the radar.

Dive bars elicit very different responses from drinkers, ranging from the never-ever crowd who find them generally sticky and dingy to those who speak of their favorite dive bar as if it were their younger sibling and they’ll die defending them.

Our team tends to enjoy every kind of bar — in moderation, of course! — from a quaint and stylish wine bar in the city to the deck bar of a restaurant overlooking the beach to a dive bar so grimy it looks like it got kicked into our reality from another dimension and never scored a repaint.

Sure, we like just about any place that’s all for friendly get-togethers, but dive bars often mean we run into old pals, get a good deal, and maybe even have a rare, wildly desired drink called “The Usual.”

So, as we’re based in San Diego, with many of us having grown up around here, we figured we’d offer up our personal favorites when it comes to delightful dive bars on our turf and what you might want to wear to them.

Featured: Cardinal V-Neck Tee

Cass Street Bar & Grill - Cardinal V-Neck Tee

Featured: Navy Crew Neck Tee

Open Bar - Navy Crew Neck Tee

Featured: Black Crew Neck Tee

Thrusters Lounge - Black Crew Neck Tee

Featured: Charcoal V-Neck Tee

The Lancers - Charcoal V-Neck Tee

If you're wondering about the super-scientific methodology behind this shirt-assigning exploration of our beloved dive bars, we honestly just like theorizing what items from the Fresh Clean Tees catalog someone would wear in specific situations or to certain places.

— Jake Kilroy

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