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May Colors 2021 | Fresh Clean Tees


Premium pink tones have been a growing trend, especially with everyone dressing in more colors to combat the pandemic blues. So we decided on a vibrant color that best summarizes the charisma, playfulness, and stress-free vibes we'll be displaying all summer. Thus, we'd like to introduce you to...Tourmaline!

Named after the rich pinkish hues found in the mineral tourmaline, our brand-new color instantly puts you in vacation mode.

So you'll find Tourmaline alongside Espresso and Ice in our Bold 3-Pack for a wonderfully fun palette that's nearly Neapolitan.

Our Foundation 3-Pack is an especially powerful jab-jab-hook combo with Tourmaline rounding out Black and White.

Meanwhile, for those looking to keep their outfits grounded and grayscale, this month's Basic 3-Pack is Black, White, and Heather Grey.

Have you been tagging Fresh Clean Tees on Instagram or using our hashtags #FreshCleanTees and #FreshFam? We give away free gear each month and you need to be in it to win it!

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