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Looking Stylish During Seasonal Changes


Looking stylish when the weather’s changing can be tricky. When it’s sweater weather in the mornings and blistering hot by mid-day, dressing to impress (and not overheat) can seem like a Herculean task this time of year. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. These breezy style tips will keep you looking classy and feeling comfy as summer works its cool way into fall.

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Mix summer and fall colors.

Don’t pack up your summer basics just yet. Pastel-colored tees look fantastic when you pair them with richer autumnal tones. For instance, pairing a garnet t-shirt with salmon (shorts, cardigan, etc) is a great, timeless combination that looks sophisticated and unexpected at the same time. You can also take a citron or yellow t-shirtFresh Clean Tees fittingly calls it shine — and pair it with dark denim pants and/or jacket for an upscale yet casual look. For a smart riff on a monochromatic look, go with a standard blue t-shirt base and a navy zip-up hoodie.

The key here is to invest in some fall basics, such as lightweight pullovers, comfy hoodies, hooded long-sleeve tees, and long-sleeve henleys in tried-and-true fall colors. Also, Fresh Clean Tees recently launched several new t-shirt packs for the coming cooler season, if you’re prowling for colors that are more in line with autumn. Think garnet, charcoal, navy, and eternally classic black t-shirts. Use those fall colors as the backbone of your fits and then add a pop of brighter, more summery color. As a general rule, you want to layer darker colors over lighter ones rather than vice versa

Overall, you want to avoid combinations that are too light or bright. Those lightweight chinos and sky-blue tees might be a fabulous fit for your mid-July BBQ, but they’re not going to fly nearly as well by September. Instead, pair that same tee with a black zip-up hoodie and dark jeans for a solid fall combo.

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Layer up.

Layering is the name of the game when you’re transitioning between seasons. Cali Pullovers and hoodies give you ample coverage and are excellent options for all body types for this time of year. Grab them in a variety of colors and you’ll be good to go. Keep tall tees in mind if you’re a bigger and/or taller guy.

Stay away from anything that’s too heavy. Oversized winter jackets will just look out of place. You want to avoid outfits that look like you’ll be camping in the Arctic. Instead, focus on lighter layers that will keep the chill away, yet still provide you with a slick, seasonal silhouette.

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Invest in smart basics.

Smart and sophisticated men’s basics like short-sleeve henleys and long-sleeve henleys are must-have additions to your summer/fall wardrobe. You may want to pick up a denim jacket if you don’t already have one. Avoid denim overload by getting one that’s a different shade than your actual jeans. Pair it with (different colored) jeans or a dark pair of chinos.

Chinos, as a whole, are another awesome fall staple. Summer chinos and slacks tend to be lighter and can look a bit odd in a transitional wardrobe. Instead, opt for heavier chinos in a breathable material. Look for chinos in fall-specific colors, such as charcoal and navy. You can wear them in place of your jeans for an elevated casual look.

The changing of seasons is also an ideal time to assess the actual quality of your basics. If it’s time for some new foundational tees, stock up. No matter how good the rest of your look is, you won’t look put together at all if your basics are ratty.

Great fall shoes for men include loafers, lace-up work boots, and sharp-looking sneakers. If you’d wear it to the gym or out for a run, don’t wear it on the street. It’s a good idea to have two pairs of sneakers, one neutral-colored and one with a pop of color. As for dress shoes, deep brown is often more versatile than black, but it all depends on your style and preference.

Looking sophisticated and feeling comfortable when the mercury drops doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can bridge the gap between summer and fall by investing in quality men’s basics, understanding how to use color to your advantage, and nailing the simple art of light layering.

— Elizabeth Lavis

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