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Please, SoCal Weather, Just Let Me Wear Light Jackets


This month isn’t what I thought, assumed, or hoped it’d be. We wrapped a suspiciously warm October and I (extremely naively) believed November would be, well, November-like. But it’s not. Oh, it’s definitely not. I’m barely wearing light jackets. I’m a cardigan man at heart and that core coziness straight up hibernates like a big ol’ bear most of the year, since I choose to live in Southern California. I’m practically forcing it at this point and it’s getting noticeable.

This past weekend, I attended a friend’s baby shower, wearing a black short sleeve henley and a moderately grey cardigan. I was greeted with, “Hey, you know it’s, like, 90 degrees, right?” This was followed by hugging another buddy who said, “Pretty radical choice for an outdoor party today, but I respect it.” And then his wife hugged me and asked, “Dude, how the hell are you wearing a sweater?” I eventually draped it over my arm, cursing climate change for the infinityth time. I just love a good light jacket and my chances are getting decimated this uncomfortably warm holiday season.

My favorite thing we sell is the heather grey pullover. It just has a chill vibe attached to it. You look cool, confident, and chill in it. It’s also the perfect balance, since it’s almost like a light light jacket. It’s thicker than a tee yet thinner than any other outerwear I own. So it’s often the most I can wear, even though I want to be all insanely bundled up.

Next in line is our black pullover. It’s the same lightweight sweatshirt, but everyone looks good in black and black looks good with everything.

So I can’t even tell you how excited I am to wear our hoodies. We redid our pullover hoodies and our zip-up hoodies, and I’m basically going to live in ‘em until I see flowers in spring.

— Jake Kilroy

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