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Keeping Fit At Home Is Easier Than You Think


Keeping fit and staying healthy during a global pandemic hasn’t been easy, but every bit helps. Even some exercise is better than none at all. If your local gyms have been closed or you’re just looking for ways to make fitness a part of your home life, even once we return to a more normal day to day, we’ve got some ideas for you. You don’t need the latest or fanciest equipment and you don’t have to already be ripped to take part. Just bring yourself — and maybe an exercise mat, a set of dumbbells, and a can-do attitude!

Circuit Training — Any Time, Any Place

Circuit training at home is easy, and you don’t need all sorts of equipment to create a great routine. Instead, you can simply use your own bodyweight. Circuit training boosts both muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness, and it delivers great results from relatively little activity, so it’s definitely worth your while to give it a go.

An easy format is 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. However, you may decide that you’d like shorter breaks or longer allowances to work on each exercise. Tailor your circuit to your individual needs and preferences. You can do squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, and push-ups at home and form a circuit, repeating the routine two or three times.

A whole set of these five exercises (with breaks) should take five minutes. Repeat two more times and you’ve got yourself a 15-minute workout that won’t take a huge chunk out of your day and will definitely help you stay healthy! You can do it first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening — whenever you like.

Dumbbells For That Little Extra

If you have a set of dumbbells, incorporating them can level up your workout. Dumbbells are incredibly versatile and able to be used in numerous exercises, so they’re ideal for keeping fit at home, particularly if you’re hoping to build upper-body strength.

You can devise a routine of solely dumbbell-focused exercises or mix and match them with the exercises mentioned above, depending on what you’re looking to work out. Dumbbell exercises are effective for burning fat as well as developing specific muscles, so using them alongside bodyweight exercises can be really beneficial.

Good exercises to start with include the lateral raise, the overhead press, the bicep curl, and the floor press. But if you want to focus on a certain muscle, there are plenty of other exercises to try in addition to or instead of these ones.

Incorporate What Works For You

If you’re not sure what your routine should look like, there’s no harm in turning to YouTube for inspiration. There are lots of great workout videos on the platform, addressing various parts of the body, and many of them are made so that you can join in at a level that suits you. A quick search will present you with myriad videos from instructors and trainers who know what they’re doing and you can simply follow their lead.

If you’d rather create your own routine or follow one that you’ve found online, playing tunes can keep you going as you find a rhythm. Create a music playlist for working out or use one of the countless workout playlists found on music-streaming services like Spotify.

If you’re living with a partner or a friend, why not see if they want to join in? Even if it’s a squeeze, you can move a couple of chairs and create enough space for both of you to work out! Having somebody alongside you for extra motivation can be a real game-changer and is definitely worth a try.

Fitness Is All About You and What You Enjoy

Life’s going to be a little different for just a while longer, but working out at home has never been easier — and it’s a solid hobby to keep, if you can. Whether you want to tighten up and tone your body, improve your mental well-being, or simply stay healthy and boost your fitness levels, there are plenty of exercises you can do without leaving the house or owning high-end equipment!

Why not get started this week? Plan that routine or load up that video and get to working out! You’ll see the benefits sooner than you think.

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