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Slate has been a huge hit since we dropped it a few months ago. It hit the ground running like a damn T-1000 if John Connor was a world-class sprinter. Up until recently, Slate has only been available (and rocking it) as a crew neck or a v-neck. Now, you can scoop Slate as a pocket tee, a polo shirt, a short sleeve henley. Check out the goods below

Featured: Slate Torrey Polo

Slate Torrey Polo

Our Slate Torrey Polo takes a color that’s bold and sharp, yet soft and neutral, and gives it a stylish collar. So this shirt’s prepped for anything on your calendar, from casual hangouts to formal dinners. Hell, wear it to the gym and get buff in style. They’ll think you’re from the future.

Featured: Slate Pocket Tee

Slate Pocket Tee

Our Slate Pocket Tee gives you our usual offerings, everything from style to comfort, and goes a little farther with a place to put your goods, whatever they may be — gum, toothpicks, phone numbers...

Featured: Slate Short Sleeve Henley

Slate Short Sleeve Henley

Our Slate Short Sleeve Henley is so chill, you could easily assume it was sent here from another planet or the future. Truth be told, we just really believed in this color and ran tests on how flippin’ good it’d look with buttons and it turns out we were 1,000% right.

Featured: Slate Crew Neck Tee

Slate Crew Neck Tee

Look cool and/or chill in one of the world’s most adaptable tees. Our Slate Crew Neck Tee can handle any wardrobe or occasion, and we’ve even tested it by crashing box socials and pairing it with floral capris. This shirt is primed to be your closet cornerstone.

— Jake Kilroy

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