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How Health-Conscious Men Enjoy a Few Drinks


When Friday afternoon rolls around, there’s nothing on our minds more than a few coldies — out, about, and dressed to the nines in a fresh v-neck tee or a stylish long sleeve henley. But you’ve worked all week on your trim physique, or in the very least you’ve seen the inside of the gym more than once. So what’s a guy to do? How do we strike that balance between staying in shape and enjoying a few drinks? These pro tips below will help keep calories down and the good times a’rollin’.

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Swap beer for liquor (bonus points for clear).

Do you know how many calories are in your beer? Neither do we, which is part of our problem. Sure, the info’s readily available, but we don’t want to have to keep track of calories while we’re out drinking. However, to prevent ruining a whole week’s effort with your other nutrition choices, it’s worth checking out. A classic IPA contains 180-200 calories. Have four to five of those and you have consumed half of your daily calories in liquid. Talk about a buzz kill.

One solution is to swap your beers for liquor, specifically clear liquor, which gets the job done a bit faster for fewer calories. Vodka has around 70 calories per ounce, and you probably won’t need or want to have as many.

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Remember, The Devil’s in the mixers.

Most cocktails contain at least three or four ingredients, and many are laden with sugar, which is why a Manhattan hits the spot. A mojito, for example, is one of the best beachside beverages, but it contains full-calorie soda, a variety of syrups, and rum (a higher-calorie liquor). Luckily, you don’t have to give up cocktails completely to stay in shape. Simply swap some of the higher-calorie mixers for their lighter counterparts.

- Swap clear bubbly sodas for lower-calorie versions, such as ginger beer for diet ginger ale.

- Opt for juice-free cocktails, since juice instantly adds 100-200 calories through sugar and carbs.

- Add flavor with lime or lemon, not simple syrup, as would be the case for a gin and tonic.

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Have a plan going into the weekend.

If you’re going big on Friday night, don’t forget to take that afternoon jog on Saturday. Going into the weekend with a plan to splurge calorically (for one night) and then pair it with a workout will serve as damage control for your gut. Sometimes, a hangover also leads to a missed workout and a trip to Waffle House, effectively doubling the problem. To continue with your workout plan following a few drinks, be sure to drink lots of water to flush out your system, especially before bed the night before.

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Don’t do double damage with meals too.

Enjoying a few evening drinks is totally understandable and doable on occasion, even for the fittest of men. One trick to keeping your calorie and carb intake in check is to pair your alcohol with a healthier, low-carb meal, rather than eating double the tacos in addition to your bucket of Coronas. No bueno.

But this doesn’t mean you need to have “rabbit food” just to drink on a fun night out. Simply opt for a healthier meal or lower-carb option, avoiding things like major pasta plates and the world’s greasiest pizza. One additional perk is that you will need fewer drinks to feel looser when you haven’t consumed a massive meal first, effectively leading to less drinking (in theory).

All these tips should help you achieve a perfect balance between enjoying a buzz and appreciating the fruits of your healthy labor. But, hey, if it doesn’t work out and you keep on drinking a six-pack every weekend, go ahead and grab the next size up in men’s basics. Fresh Clean Tees is a size-inclusive brand, so there’s always a comfy t-shirt that’ll support whatever you do with your weekend, whether you have abs of steel or a comfy lil’ pillow under there.

— Alexandra Frost

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