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What’s up FreshFam! 

It’s starting to get cold outside, which means hoodie season is upon us. But instead of going through your closet trying to find that hoodie from high school with the least amount of stains, we thought we would suggest an alternative. Throw away those old ratty sweatshirts, and replace them with something FRESH, and lucky for you, we’ve got the freshest sweatshirts around. 

We know that it can get confusing when you see a bunch of different sweatshirt styles, cuts, and colors, it’s just a hoodie, right? But that’s why we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know to find the perfect hoodie. 

To start, let’s talk about our super light sweatshirts, the Cali Sweatshirt, and the Loma Hooded Long Sleeve. 

Cali Sweatshirt

First, we have the Cali Sweatshirt. The Cali is not really considered a hoodie due to its lack of ya know hood, but it is one of our most popular outerwear pieces. Our Cali Sweatshirt is a mix between a sweatshirt and long sleeve, leaving you with the perfect layering piece for fall and winter. The Cali Sweatshirt is also great on its own for the peeps who live in warmer states, like California and Arizona. 

The Loma (NEW)

Our new Loma Hooded Long Sleeve is even lighter than our Cali Sweatshirt, but this one comes with a hood! It’s made out of the same buttery soft tri-blend fabric as our Long Sleeve Henleys, and is the perfect piece to wear on a cool fall day.  The Loma comes in Vintage Jam, Vintage Black, and Vintage Military. Wear it on it’s own, or pair it under one of our Bomber Jackets

The rest of our hoodies are mid-weight, great for whatever part of the country you're in.

O-Side Hoodie (NEW)

Our new O-Side Hoodie is our most relaxed style yet. Unlike our Pullover Hoodies, the O-Side does not have a ribbed waistband at the bottom, but instead it has a looser, slightly curved hem. The O-Side hoodie comes in Charcoal and Military, and pairs perfectly over a Split Hem Longline.  

Pullover Hoodie

Our Pullover Hoodie is a classic fall staple for any wardrobe. A word to the wise though? Our Pullovers are probably the softest thing you will ever feel, so we wouldn’t recommend leaving them unattended around your girlfriend. Our Pullover Hoodie comes in Black, Heavy Metal, Maroon, Navy and Forest Green. 

Zip-Up Hoodie

Ah the Zip-Up, another wardrobe staple. Zip-Ups are great when you need something quick to take on and off. They are also great for layering when you still want to show off your tee! Our Zip-Up Hoodie comes in Black, Heavy Metal, Maroon, Navy and Forest Green. 

Classic Crew Sweatshirt 

Last, but of course not least, we have our Classic Crew. Our Classic Crew sweatshirts are the same weight as our Pullover Hoodies, just minus the hood! Stay comfy and warm all season long, in a Classic Crew. Our Classic Crew comes in Charcoal, Black, Maroon, Pine and Navy, but stock is limited on this style, so act fast! 

Checkout all of our super FRESH hoodie and outwear styles today! 

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