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Fresh Clean Tunes (August 2021)


Hot damn, we’ve had a busy month! From launching our oatmeal crew neck tee to a pretty unreal day as a team on the high seas, we here at Fresh Clean Tees are rounding down a rather productive summer that saw a good balance of work and fun. [It for sure helps that there’s a back patio bar just a block over that allows us to play board games after quitting time.] In case you missed all our many going-ons — totally easy to do, there were many — here are a few August highlights!

We went “back to” basics.

We realized people weren’t just heading back to school this year. Given lessened pandemic restrictions, people were finally heading back to the office, back to friends’ homes, back to recreational kickball leagues, back to...you know, whatever. So we put together packs for you to look sharp and stylish literally anywhere you go with the Back to Whatever Pack, Back to Reality Pack, Back to Cool Pack, and Back At It Pack. Give tech enough time and we'll probably have scoops like a Back to Mars Pack or a Back to the Future Pack.

We redesigned our long sleeves (with new colors).

Loma hooded long sleeves and long sleeve henleys have always been among the coolest go-tos for those breezy summer nights, especially as we inch — yeah right, this year’s whipping by over the speed limit — toward brisk fall days and brisker fall nights. So we decided to totally reimagine and revitalize these two styles from scratch. They’re softer, sharper, and more durable than ever, and now you can scoop either style in vintage black, vintage white, military, or garnet (for more compliments than ever).

We dropped new colors for short sleeve henleys.

The FreshFam looked beyond fresh this summer, as people hit barbecues, bars, and the beach in our short sleeve henleys. We restocked our black henley and our white henley, and then we took it a few dance steps farther with short sleeve henleys in new, fresh colors. So now you can collect them all by scooping a charcoal henley, a garnet henley, a military henley, and a wedgewood henley. We have yet to meet a man who doesn’t look good as hell in our short sleeve henley (though, honestly, at this point, he’s more myth than man).

We launched new colors for polos.

When we launched our Torrey Polos back in May, we were curious how a collared Fresh Clean Tee would do...and then we sold out almost immediately. Polos were a (ridiculous, unbelievable smash) hit. So, over the summer, we went back to the drawing board, wiped it fresh and clean, and brainstormed new colors for a polo push to bookend the season. So now we've got a navy polo shirt, a wedgewood polo shirt, and a heather grey polo shirt, in addition to the already mega-popular black polo shirt. Most importantly, this puts us one step closer to Fresh Clean Tuxedos.

We listened to a lot of good music.

In the background of all these radical moves, our team listened to everything from the insanely fun and impossible-not-to-dance-to remix of “Lose Your Love” from Dirty Projectors and Chromeo to a handful of August-specific jams, like Cristobal Tapia De Veer’s prettiest tune off the White Lotus soundtrack and the first song off Kanye West’s new album. To check out our favorite tunes for the month, check out the playlist below!

— Jake Kilroy

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