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Fresh Clean Socks 2.0


When we launched Fresh Clean Socks earlier this year, it was a big deal. We were exploring new parts of the body - it was pretty hot - and we saw incredible results. At the time, we launched crew socks and no-show socks, and they came in black, white, and grey.

On Friday, we launched a totally brand-new style - ANKLE SOCKS!

But this is only the beginning. We have more colors coming your way soon for both crew and ankle.

Just scope these qualities:

- Made with the highest quality yarns and most advanced knitting technology

- Designed to be totally breathable on top and super supportive on bottom

- Offers strategic terry-loop cushioning in the footbed, heel, and toe

- Features a special “Y” stitch at the heel for an insanely comfy, contoured fit

- Comes with a seamless toe closure so there’s no rubbing or irritation

- Boasts our signature red line at the toe pocket for secret flair

Black Ankle Socks

Buy black ankle socks, so your ankles can look cool and feel cooler.

White Ankle Socks

Buy white ankle socks, so your ankles are fresh from ankle to toe.

Black Crew Socks

Buy lack ankle socks, so your toes, arches, ankles, and lower calves feel supported.

White Crew Socks

Buy white crew socks, so you feel your absolute comfiest all day, all night, or both.

— Jake Kilroy

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