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November Colors 2021

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Standbys, favorites, and classics have a special place in our hearts because we can always count on ‘em. At Fresh Clean Tees, we’re all about inventing and improving, but we like having our core colors for a reason. We dig colors and styles that are reliable and timeless as much as we get all hyped about the new and unique. For instance, a color that’s always been there for us has been Military.

This year, we’ve launched a ton of new styles in our Military color, but our most versatile go-tos are still our military crew neck or our military v-neck. That’s why we’re making Military our November color, so we can have something we can count on before inevitably getting sucked into holiday chaos.

That means you can grab Military with equally timeless Heather Grey and fan-favorite Garnet in this month’s Bold 3-Pack.

You can also scoop Military with the forever standbys of Black and White in this month’s Foundation 3-Pack.

Or you can catch a batch of neutrals if you’ve already got Military in your closet with Black, White, and Heather Grey in this month’s Basic 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Bold 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Foundation 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Basic 3-Pack.

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— Jake Kilroy