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December Colors 2021

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The coolest season’s only getting cooler — on its coldest days, we find ourselves yearning for an afternoon dip beneath a big ol’ sun — so this month we’re going with our extremely cool new color Cove.

It’s a wonderfully wintery hue that doubles as a reminder of warmer days ahead. You can see how hard and awesome it ties together your holiday outfits (and how radically and regularly you can get complimented at holiday parties). It’s Cove across the board for us these days, as it just straight up pops with grayscale neutrals or blends supreme with a lineup of pastels.

Scoop Cove with recently released faves Slate and Olive in this month’s Bold 3-Pack.

You can also grab Cove with forever standbys of Black and White in this month’s Foundation 3-Pack.

Or you can stick with the classics of Black, White, and Charcoal in this month’s Basic 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Bold 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Foundation 3-Pack.

Treat yourself to the Basic 3-Pack.

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— Jake Kilroy