Finally, A Tee Shirt That's Got Your Back.


Started in 2015 by husband and wife duo, Melissa and Matthew Parvis, Fresh Clean Tees set out to create quality men's basics to help men look and feel their best. With a no-frills approach, Fresh Clean Tees delivers comfortable, affordable, stylish apparel to empower guys to look and feel their best so they can explore, conquer, and live LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


Basics Don't Need To Be So Basic

When we started Fresh Clean Tees in 2015, it seemed as if there were only a handful of options for men's basics. You had your department store or big-box tees shirts, that were inconsistent, scratchy, and uncomfortable, or you had the overpriced designer tees, and let's face it -- paying $40 for a single tee shirt simply feels wrong. We set out to change this by creating a comfortable, stylish, premium style tee shirt that would be consistent in a variety of colors and styles, but that would not cost a fortune. Instead of pillaging your closet in search of your one, or two favorite tees, Fresh Clean Tees gives guys the ability to stock their closet with tees that make them look and feel their best day-in and day-out.

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More Than Just Tees

When we started Fresh Clean Tees, we realized we wanted a company that believed in more than simply selling tee shirts. That's why we've worked hard to create a brand that our customers not only can trust and love but also stands for something more and gives back to our team, our patrons, and our community. The more support we get for Fresh Clean Tees, the more you know that we'll be paying that support forward in a number of ways.



We want to see how devilishly handsome you look in your Fresh Clean Tees. Share a pic or vid with #FreshFam and each month we’ll pick one customer to win a FREE 3-pack of tees.