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COVID19 Response Fund

Here at Fresh Clean Tees, we're committed to giving back. Because of your astounding support, we are fortunate enough to be able to give a percentage of our sales each month to different organizations that need our help. This month we have decided to donate to the COVID19 Response Fund.

Donations to the COVID19 Response Fund go directly to UNICEF USA, Feeding America, United Nations Foundation, and The CDC Foundation, to help those who need it most during this scary time we are living in. 

On a smaller scale we are working with our fulfillment partner in Las Vegas, Nevada to to donate hundreds of tee shirts and sweatshirts to the local homeless community in Las Vegas, who are forced to sleep in a parking lot due to the closure of homeless shelters. 

It's difficult for us to wrap our head around the turmoil that's been created by this horrific virus and we're going to continue to do our part to play a small part in the recovery. Every order matters right now. 

Thank you for choosing Fresh Clean Tees, and thank you for assisting us in giving back. 

All donations are powered by our friends at Shopping Gives!