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Last-Minute Costume Ideas

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At Fresh Clean Tees, we love planning ahead. We always aim for smooth sailing, and that typically means not waiting until the last minute. However, costumes tend to be a liiiiittle bit different.

Even though Halloween is the same day each year, some of us (author included) forget about the spooky, scary holiday until a few days, hours, or even minutes before go time. But, hey, if you have a closet full of basics, you’re in luck because you may already have a costume! [Assembly may be required.]


All you need is a black crew neck t-shirt, black pants, and some black make-up or furry ears.

Joel Goodson (from Risky Business)

All you need is a white crew neck t-shirt, white crew socks, and white undies.

Kim Kardashian (at the 2021 Met Gala)

All you need is a black crew neck t-shirt, black ankle socks, black pants, and a black face cover.

Blow-Up Guy (at Car Dealerships)

All you need is a brightly colored crew neck t-shirt with matching pants.

— Jake Kilroy